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1 Looking for a translator to translate technical documentation in Piraeus?
Looking for a translator to translate technical documentation in Pirae...
P   9 months ago   Translators   Piraeus
Business translator for negotiations in the city of Piraeus, Greece. I can consider working in neighboring regions, as well as providing translation services remotely. Are you looking for a translato...

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1 Interpreter in Acharnes - Russian, English, German
Interpreter in Acharnes - Russian, English, German
P   9 months ago   Translators   Acharnés
Interpreter services in Acharnes, Greece. Energy translator. Tel / Viber / Telegram: Translation languages: Russian, English, Greek. I work with different topics and types of translations: oral and wr...

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1 Interpreter in Heraklion - Russian, English, German, French
Interpreter in Heraklion - Russian, English, German, French
P   9 months ago   Translators   Irákleion
I provide translation services in Heraklion, Greece. Interpreter in the field of aircraft engines. Translation languages: Russian, Greek. I carry out the following types of translations: oral translat...

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Technical translation - Greece

Technical translation - Greece

Technology is the driver of our lives today. Technical translation is a specialized translation, which involves the translation of technical documents (technical specification, user's manuals, instructions, technical standards, etc.), or texts which relate to technological subject areas or texts which deal with the practical application of scientific, engineering and technological information. An inevitable part of any technical translation is a specialized terminology of technical texts and requires a high level of subject knowledge from the translator. That is why a technical translator, in addition to linguistic expertise must have a technical and interdisciplinary background. You can find and hire a qualified technical translator in Greece by browsing our website and filtering among the translators. We have many technical translators, who work with the following language pairs: English, French, Russian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, and other languages. 

The list of documents, which usually translated by technical translators:

  • Installation manuals, operation manuals, maintenance manuals, user guides.
  • Datasheets, procedures, drawings, processes, patents, engineering texts,  product specifications.
  • Technical descriptions, specifications, quotes, user guides, instructions, books.
  • Training manuals, service manuals, Technical Reports, Patent Applications, Brochures.
  • Drawings, scientific articles, norms, textbooks, site surveys, feasibility studies. 

The price of a technical translation in Greece depends on several factors. The first factor being the urgency and complexity of the technical document. A technical translation of a short datasheet can be done within an hour, while a translation of the training manual might take several days and will cost more. A source and target language may also affect the price of the certified document translation, so an official translation rate of a rare language is higher. For example, a translation of a maintenance manual from Japanese to Portuguese will cost much higher compared to a translation from Italian to English, simply because fewer certified translators available for this language combination. Also, if you need an urgent technical translation in Greece, you can expect a 30 to 35% increase in price.  An average price for a technical translation in Greece costs 0.1 to 0.15 EUR per word, while a translation of a technical A4 page costs in the range of 15-39 EUR.